Born Queens, NY 1976

My mixed media works embed common figural elements in existential concepts of reality and perception. I am originally a photographer known for photographic series' that subject my own experiences and expressions of desire to my camera that are shot within arm’s length as a form of performance in self-discovery. After publishing my second monograph of photographs and text in 2010, my desire to 'come out of the camera,' and create with my hands in 3-dimensional space motivated me to omit the excess lens between myself and my environment in order to expand on my visual and intellectual themes, and art practice in general. Largely self-taught, I determine and exercise required skills and techniques that are driven by experimentation. I use methods, materials and objects of the vernacular for sculpture, works on paper, performative works and conceptual and spatial interventions. Industrial materials –concrete, neon, carbon – with organic materials – water, rubber, animal product – and sometimes ‘found’ things, are common components. The self may be used to present an essence of the psyche, and as a vessel or proof of existence. Making the work challenges me and challenges viewers on relationships to their own physicality, consciousness and mortality. Riding on the edge of public and private, the discourse unfolds a larger picture of contemporary human anxieties, fantasies and concerns.

In 2014, I visited Guilin China and encountered a ‘water prison’ inside an Imperial river cave dwelling. A tour guide pointed at a 6ft deep ditch that had eroded from the river tides, and stated, ‘this is where they left prisoners to die.’ Being Chinese (American), I was familiar with the concept of Chinese torture. The following April, I used a traditional Chinese inkstick to mark my height along the damp concrete wall parameters of a maze-like underground bomb shelter in Shanghai for a performance inspired by the ‘water prison.’ By using the ink stick to apply the ink instead of a brush, I re-contextualized the matter of traditional practice to – literally and metaphorically - delineate the expanse of my existence. It demonstrates a key principle in my process which is to investigate place, form and material, and flipping it to a measure of self-discipline and discovery. I create with the resources available to me and learned not to be confined by those same resources. My process entails submitting to some rules, and establishing my own rules, to make my art. New experiences assemble new rule books. 

I’m the third girl of four girls, of medical doctor parents, raised Chinese and American, Chinese painting and calligraphy lessons every Saturday from age 3 through high school, violin on Sundays, in a dominantly middle class Jewish neighborhood in Queens. Taking the subway out of Queens was like running towards something to die trying. Art saved me. 


Solo Show

2015 Sea Bounds, Basement 6 Collective Space, Shanghai, China

2012 Invisible Line, Allegra LaViola Gallery NY

2000 I.C.U.P, Vice Magazine Flagship Store, NY

Group Show

2018 Current: Abortion curated by Barbara Zucker, A.I.R. Gallery NY

2016 The Female Gaze curated by Indira Cesarine, Untitled Space, NY

2015 I Never Could Talk To You, with Bazaar Teens, City Bird Gallery, NY

2014 XXX curated by Mathieu Borysevicz, Bank MABSociety Gallery, Shanghai, China

2011 Art of Affection curated by Caroll Taveras, F.L.O.A.T. Gallery, NY

2009 The Vice Photo Show, Le Lieu Unique, Nantes, FR

2006 Toy Box with White Box, Robert Miller Gallery, NY

2006 Speed Limit, LMCC’s Redhead Gallery, NY

2005 Pretend Friendly curated by Alfredo Martinez, the:artist:network, NY

Art Fairs

2017 Milk and Night curated by Coco Dolle, Spring Break Art Fair NY

2016 Bizarre Teens, Spring Break Art Fair NY

2010 Empire State of Mind, Staldgade 38, Copenhagen Photo Festival, Copenhagen, DK

2009 ArtLog/Manish Vora presents, Pulse Art Fair, Miami, FL

2009 Scope Art Fair, Marketplace, Miami, FL

2008 The New York Photo Festival, DUMBO NY

2005 Experiments at Scope NY, Flatotel Hotel, NY

2005 Open Eat, Curator, Photo NY


2013 The Watermill Center Summer Benefit, The Watermill Center, NY

2013 Whitney Art Party, The Whitney Museum of Contemporary Art, NY

2012 Book presentation, The Hole Gallery Bookshop, NY

2011 MiCamera Bookshop, Self Publish Be Naughty, Milan Italy

2010 Crone Benefit, Gavin Brown Enterprise, NY


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2015 Self Publish Be Happy by Bruno Ceschel, Aperture Books, NY

2012 Serpent on the Mount, Self-Published proof, NY

2011 Self Publish Be Naughty, Self-Publish Be Happy Publishing, London

2010 Getting To Know My Husband’s Cock, Self-Published, NY (monograph)

2009 Public Panics: Problematic Bodies in Social Places, Adam Eldridge, London UK

2007 Vice Photo Book, Vice Magazine Publishing, NY

2006 Pees On Earth, Miss Rosen Edition/powerHouse Books, NY (monograph)

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