I de/reconstruct ideas into images and scenes that represent me. The body and anti-body are a recurring theme in my work for over two decades. My new work in sculptural ink uses an organic material that touches on my personal history, heritage and my complex desire to disrupt and transcend. It is experimental, cross-disciplinary and fluid. In recent years I am grappling with rehabilitating from personal, social and political anxiety, addiction and body issues. The possibility of the ink material derived from the traditional Chinese ink stick to be manipulated and molded into non-traditional forms and ultimately completing themselves in nature is a philosophical, spiritual and self-realized process that negotiates with my place in this world. It is cathartic. The material doesn't lie.

I was born in Queens, NY to an Indonesian-Chinese dad and Taiwanese mother. Both began their medical practices while instilling a strong sense of oddness in me, the third of four girls, in our mixed Asian-American home in a dominantly middle-class Jewish neighborhood. When all my friends had bat/bar mitzvahs and I didn't, the oddness set in. Language at home was Mandarin, Taiwanese, Indonesian, Japanese and English, and listening, watching and breathing in the scenes while in line for an Italian pizza slice, driving past Knish Knosh on Queens Boulevard on the way to weekly violin lessons, running through the aisles of the Chinatown art supply shop, gazing too close to the television after everyone went to sleep, and out of the blue, hustling to join my parents for late night tea and cake at The Plaza Hotel, then returning home in the car watching the seductive skyline recede behind me. Feeling odd and a lot of mysteries to unravel...a lot of potential to manifest.

I'm the author of the photographic monograph Pees On Earth (Miss Rosen Edition/ powerHouse Books 2006) - eight years of claiming my body and place while peeing on Earth. In 2010, I self-published my second photographic monograph Getting to Know My Husband's Cock, featured in aperture Books' Self Publish Be Happy by Bruno Ceschel, and will be included in the upcoming academic publication Radical Intimacy in Contemporary Art: Abjection, Revolt and Objecthood by Keren Moscovitch Bloomsbury Publishing, 2023. It was the subject of my solo show at Allegra LaViola Gallery, now Sargeant's Daughters, in 2011. Vince Aletti reviewed the exhibition of prints in The New Yorker, "it's her unapologetic lust that comes across most appealing here."

New sculptural work in ink began in Shanghai, China in 2014, developed in Upstate NY and continues in Los Angeles where I have a studio in DTLA. I moved to LA in late 2019.



(b. 1976 American, NY)



2015 Sea Bounds, Basement 6 Collective Space, Shanghai, China

2012 Invisible Line curated by Amani Olu, Allegra LaViola Gallery NY 

2000 I.C.U.P, Vice Media Flagship Store on Cleveland Pl, NY


2021 Five Minutes To Live curated by Benjamin Tischer, New Discretions, NY

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2019 Every Woman Biennial, LaMaMa Galleria, NY

2018 Current: Abortion curated by Barbara Zucker, A.I.R. Gallery, NY

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2022 Impact: LA for Choice and W.R.R.A.P Benefit on Artsy, Anat Ebgi Gallery, LA

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2013 Whitney Art Party, The Whitney Museum of Contemporary Art, NY

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Artists: Andrea Mary Marshall, Christina Kruse, John Gordon Gauld, Nicole Wittenberg,

Phil Knott, Sophie Sevigny, Tatyana Murray, Theresa Ortolani, Willy Somma

2005 Cinco! hosted by BlackBook Magazine in partnership with Dos Equis

Artists: Abe Atri, Pia Camil, Carlos Alvaro Montero, Yoshua Okon, Diego Teo

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Artists: Brendan Carney, Camella Ehlke, Devon Dikeou, Donald Hearn, Hillary Read, Hisako

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