Getting To Know My Husband's Cock First Edition 100, Numbered/signed

Contains 60+ images taken over four years of a passionate and tumultuous relationship unfolding, three years dating and one year of marriage. Jong's intimate and raw style reflect the ways and tolls of falling in love. The subject matter is sexual, emotional, vulnerable and matter-of-fact. Reading between the lines of a six versed poem edited into the sequence of photographs, she expresses the realities of passion, addiction and fear that also affect her. 

Self-Published 2010 (first Ed) 

Second Ed distributed by DAP


6.2 x 0.4 x 9 inches

150 pages

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Radical Intimacy in Contemporary Art

Abjection, Revolt, and Objecthood by Keren Moscovitch (Author)

Radical Intimacy in Contemporary Art focuses on practices that operate at the edges of sexuality and its socially sanctioned expressions. Using psychoanalysis and object-oriented feminism, Keren Moscovitch focuses on the work of several contemporary, provocative artists to initiate a dialogue on the role of intimacy in challenging and reimagining ideology. Artists include Leigh Ledare, Genesis P-Orridge and Ellen Jong.

Release Date Oct 5, 2023

Hardcover 9 x 6 inches

Bloomsbury Publishing

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Pees On Earth, signed

Contains 60+ photographs taken mostly by Jong herself of herself while peeing on Earth. The collection presents a happening that took place over eight years where Jong sought out alternative public yet private places to document the most intimate moments with herself which in her own words was described as 'pushing and discovering boundaries, and reclaiming my body and place in the world.' In this work, she also found her artistic and political voice playing on the edge of the transgressive to express her constant coming-of-age.

Transcribed conversation with ANNIE SPRINKLE for book forward.

powerHouse Books/Miss Rosen Edition 2006


11.25 x 7.25 inches
112 pages



Self Publish Be Happy

Aperture Books and Bruno Ceschel 2015


512 pages

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Self Publish Be Naughty

Self Publish Be Happy/Bruno Ceschel 2011


132 pages

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The Vice Photo Book

Vice 2007


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Serpent On The Mount

Jong started to work with rope in 2011. Knotting, combing and braiding became a performative exercise. Referring to a seamen's guide to knotting, she began to knot by her gutteral motions for her sculptures, all with the intent to define and undefine pattern. And like many who find tranquility in knotting or knitting, working with rope became a means for Jong to process her emotional, psychological and personal anguishes happening in her life at that time. 

Serpent on the Mount is a working collaborative project directed and produced by Jong to connect the voices of women and thread them together into a book.

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Ellen Jong © 2020