An exhibition of photographic prints and original works on paper from my book Getting To Know My Husband's Cock, with the addition of a video work.

After one year of marriage one day I started to look back at the snapshots I took of my life four years prior to that day when I started to spend the rest of my life with, for and by someone else. I wanted to express the passion, vulnerabilities, difficult emotions and loss in entering a new phase of self-awareness - in falling, becoming, not knowing, not seeing myself in it until it passed, and in making this book. I described the book as a love song in photos and text. The video of us sitting in the waves of the ocean complimented the relationship rhythm and beauty, and the calm before the storm in which I was learning new meaning. 

Allegra La Viola Gallery, NY NY ( now Sargeants Daughters)

Curated by Amani Olu

Ellen Jong © 2020